Exclusive Free Webinar from Intermountain Regenerative Medicine
Join us to learn how joint pain sufferers are utilizing this ground breaking new therapy to put off joint replacement surgery
Presentor: Dr. Brady Wirick

Dr. Wirick retired from his chiropractic neurology practice to become the clinical director of IRM with clinics in Bountiful, Utah and Idaho Falls, Idaho. His passion is in research and patient education.
Regenerative Medicine:
Beyond Stem Cell Therapy
  • Relief in one treatment: Most of our patients see changes results in 1 visit
  • Non-Invasive: No drugs or surgery required
  •  Minimal Downtime: Most of our patients are back to work in the matter of a couple of days
Join the IRM team and learn 
about our latest state-of-the-art procedure:
Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
"I was able to avoid a neck fusion and keep my CDL" 
-Steve, Idaho Falls, Idaho
"My shoulder's pain has reduced and I didn't miss a day of work" -Benny, Blackfoot, ID
"Our patients say the results are Life-Changing!"
  •  One Treatment Relief
  •  Long Lasting Healing
  • Safe and Gentle Therapy
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Bountiful, Utah
Idaho Falls, Idaho

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